Lion Paw Productions

  • Chase Cue1:04
  • Discovery Que1:09
  • The Final Frontier4:18
  • Love Cue (1:16)1:18
  • Orch Que 03:30
  • Orch Cue2:12
  • Orch Score (orch que 1)2:11
  • Panic Que0:33
  • Rcue 21:32
  • Tense Que Long0:48
  • Tense Que Short0:22

Music Cues Custom created for your next film project.


Jacob Carruthers III has over 30 years of record production experience. From Music cues to album projects and everything in between; He is the professional that people use when they need someone with eye toward detail.

Jacob can except any job requiring sound design, production or music supervision.


While each project is unique, they all require an understanding of the vision and the desired goal. Jacob excels at interpreting the charge he is given and delivers a product that reflects the employers intention.